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RUSH – 2112 Lyric Video

RUSH – 2112 LYRIC VIDEO (takes you to to view the video)

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Full screen with a good stereo audio setup a must.


This is how you do a 20 minute dystopian prog epic lyric video / cartoon feature video. This is a must watch! Genius song, genius story, genius illustrations and a genius editing job culminating in a convergence of all medias into one awe-inspiring experience.

I have been enjoying this Randian song for nearly 40 years and I have never been treated to such a visual and sonic joy as this video delivers. The story literally comes to life one scene at a time. The plot I had imagined for the song virtually identical to this treatment. Either I am in a mind meld with Mr. Peart or the lyrics are that beautifully crafted to convey the visual message. I tend to think the latter is more the truth.

When the trio returns to “Assume Control” at the end my soul was cheering and my heart was swelling. I was reliving the entire story and totally engrossed in the experience.

I will watch this video many more times in the near future. Guaranteed. Well done and Happy 40th to 2112! A true masterpiece whether the masses realize it or not. Someday they will…. oh someday they will…




Really a great animation studio. I follow their Twitter (Fantoons) account and their Facebook (Fantoons) account. Many smile worthy animation panels grace me news feeds. Great, great stuff not only Rush but many other classic rock subjects as well.

Buy the book here at their Etsy Store (Fantoons).

Neil #4 All-Time?



Of course it is Rolling Stone doing the rankings. So take that for what it’s worth. My initial reaction was, What ? #4 No Way, who is #1 – #3. Then I saw the list and halfheartedly agreed. I still think Neil deserves #1 but The Lofty Oaks will be satisfied with #4….

What do you think?


Vanished Time – The Lofty Oaks new song release.

New Song. Finally, this one took forever.


R40 DVD Blue Ray…. on the way!

Roll The Bones. One of the teaser videos from the forthcoming R40 Live concert video. Really looking forward to this one. It was a great show to attend live. Reliving the entire show in full high fidelity stereo sound and pro shot multi cam HD video will be a true joy. The sound mix sounds terrific from these teaser videos.I hope the rest lives up to the hype. I’ll be back with a full review once I have digested the release in total.

A Quick Lofty Oaks recommendation…………….

A shout out to Jay Mantis at the Rushcast podcast. He mentioned our humble blog on one of his recent shows. I highly recommend the weekly podcast. Great guests and great chat from some true blue fans of the finest band from the Canadian land. Search itunes podcasts for “Rushcast” you’ll find it.